Jing! Bing! West Indian EveryTING!

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So as of today, I am officially a screencaster! I had the opportunity to look up a blog that I found appealing to the eye and of course being that I wanted to make everything theme-related to my blog, I found a blog that was very relevant to mine so of course, I was going to make a screencast of it.

Before I was introduced to WordPress, I was a big fan of Tumblr since I was in my teens. From there, my creative juices began to flow and I would look up blogs pertinent to my cultural upbringing. I was also excited to do this assignment because for one, I always look forward to anything that has to do with media, talking, speaking, or recording a video. I found a blog that brought all West Indian cultures together and the fact that it was simply designed drew my attention to it. This experience was a very easy one, since all I had to do was capture a screen and talk about it whereas compared to the last assignment, I spent a lot more time figuring out how to play with music and adding my own audio and voice to it. This skill could definitely come in handy for any projects or presentations that arise. This is certainly a tool for Youtubers to use or even tech wizzes since they’re always into the most recent gadgets out there and want to do reviews on them. I definitely think that creative projects like youtube video reviews, powerpoint presentations or public speaking projects could definitely benefit from a screencast. Projects utilizing screencasts make them more fun, interesting and appealing to the eye. Now that I have the knowledge of how to use Jing, I am sure that I will be using this tool a lot more in the future for other projects that come to mind.


6 thoughts on “Jing! Bing! West Indian EveryTING!

  1. Michaela Felix says:

    You chose a great blog that related to your own blog! I also love how you included how visiting the blog played into how it made you feel (like it took you back to the Caribbean). Your explanation for everything was also great and your voice was clear and you obviously were prepared with what you wanted to say about it.

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  2. trinhson12336gmailcom says:

    Hi Melissa, Great Job on the screencast! You picked a good blog to screen cast as it is well connected to your own blog. I think next time you could do a few things to improve the screen cast such slowing down your narration. Additionally, I think clicking on some of the posts on the tumblr page, instead of just scrolling up and down would give viewers a slower look into the blog you were covering.

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  3. ddlovato44 says:

    Your screencast was great! I thought you gave enough of an overview of the site given the time time restrictions outlined in the assignment, The choice to do a blog similar to your own was an amazing choice and something that I also did which adds to the whole blog’s aesthetic.

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  4. lexiewernick says:

    Hi ! I loved your screencast! I really enjoyed the trip you took us through this West Indian Website. Like you, I enjoyed the colors and the music that was displayed in the blog. It transformed me to another place, and I didn’t feel like I was in New Jersey anymore! I loved your enthusiasm for the blog, and I thought you were very clear !

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  5. syd135 says:

    Hey! I liked your screencast and how your page is turning out, it’s easy to navigate and has everything in a particular place. I think using Jing was also easy, it was easier for me to create the screencast than to use audacity or editing the image for the first assignment.

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