‘What a bam bam. Mi deh pon Instagram.’

ig-logo       People always seem to have a strategy for how they convey the message in whatever it is they’re promoting to a wide audience of individuals. The social media platforms that I happen to use the most are Instagram and Facebook. If someone were to ask me which one I’d use more to promote my blog, I’d most likely say Instagram. Why? I tend to use Instagram to capture attention when it is through pictures. The best part about Instagram is that you can do it through pictures, words, it’s simple and straight to the point. However, using Facebook gives you the ability to easily share posts and there’s always someone out there viewing what is posted online. Being a person who is so big on detail and pictures, I often times found myself using Instagram more than Facebook. Number one, I love to show my outfits of the day and my pride for my culture through my pictures. My Instagram is almost like my personal ‘lookbook’ when it comes to anything I post on it. I feel that promoting my blog on Instagram would be the most beneficial. A lot of times, people live vicariously through one’s pictures and I feel that my Instagram tells a story through the adventures I post on it.

Disclaimer: My inspiration for the title of my post came from an old reggae classic “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy. I have such a random mind lol


6 thoughts on “‘What a bam bam. Mi deh pon Instagram.’

  1. Michaela Felix says:

    I love Instagram too and I like how you called it your personal lookbook! I feel the same way and it really is formatted in a simple way that makes it so easy to share.

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  2. dpulanco says:

    I think Instagram could be a really interesting tool to promote blogs. Naturally, I think pictures are a lot more appealing than written posts so as long as you can find eye-grabbing pictures you can definitely use Instagram to promote blogs.

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  3. christinaricciblog says:

    I agree Instagram makes it so much more personal because you are able to experience it through pictures. It will make the reader feel so much more involved but also keeps it simple and organized with allowing readers to go to the hashtags that on include your blog! Overall I thought it was a great post!

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  4. jdparagas says:

    I too, definitely use Instagram more than Facebook but for the promotion of a blog, I think Facebook is the better option. When on Facebook, a big part of it is sharing links to friends, and by doing so, spreading the word out. Instagram is more like sharing nice photos without any thought on professional gain.

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  5. ddlovato44 says:

    My friends say I am way to obsessed with Instagram, until they need help with a picture. I am the go to person for taking, editing, and making captions for pictures on Instagram. Promoting your blog on Instagram definitely fits the theme of your blog and should be your main form of promotion.

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