Usain “To Di World” Bolt Meme

The newest obsession with today’s social media is the trending of memes. Seriously, who knew that a picture with one phrase would draw so much attention or even the views of a million people. This meme with Usain Bolt probably has to be the best meme of all time. I’m having a flashback to the summer where Usain Bolt tore up the Olympics (as usual) and does his signature ‘lightning bolt’ or as others call it ‘to di world’ pose at the end. I’ve never been so proud of my heritage until Jamaica ended up bringing home the gold once again at this past year’s olympics. This meme stands out to me a lot. As prideful as I am to come from a Jamaican background, this meme just says one thing: be different, be unique and be you. Usain Bolt is an idol of mine and also a BIG symbol in Jamaica. He is a role model for those who feel that they are less than what they are. He is an athlete that brings a fun, positive vibe wherever he goes and it shows every time he enters the track. This meme is beneficial for my blog because not only does it highlight the theme of my blog, but personally it says a lot about the Caribbean culture and though I can’t speak for everyone, there are some Caribbeans out there that are proud of where they’re from and I get that message from this meme. #TeamJamaica #JamaicaToDiWorld #Usain #Bolt #LightningBolt #BigDeal #BapBapBap


5 thoughts on “Usain “To Di World” Bolt Meme

  1. soralee728 says:

    I really liked your meme. I definitely agree that it relates directly to your blog’s theme but also really captivates what your message is. This meme does an awesome job of showing Caribbean culture and the pride Carribeans have. Nice work!!

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  2. KERWIN SLOUGH says:

    I find this meme to be pretty amusing, I remember seeing a lot of Usain Bolt memes during and just after the most recent Olympics in Rio. I like how you made the connection between the Bolt memes and how they relate to your blog, since it is about the Carribean. I think the meme I found most hilarious of him were the pictures of him in the club with various humorous captions.

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  3. Sophie says:

    I really like that you chose this meme, because it goes really well with the theme of your blog. Usain Bolt is used a lot for memes, like in those “my parents aren’t home” memes when he is running. Because he’s a staple for Jamaica, I think you used a really good meme instead of a random one.


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