“Wave your flag high, up in the sky”🎶


As it’s almost reflected in nearly every post of mine thus far, everyone knows how prideful Caribbeans can be. This image is just a reflection of some of the islands and their flags in one picture. Why did I use this picture? It relates to my blog in an aspect of people getting to see some of the various cultures within the Caribbean community. In the image above are flags from (top left to right) Barbados and Jamaica (bottom left to right) Guyana and Trinidad. The Caribbean community is a prideful community where pride is shown almost everywhere whether it be at an event, walking past someone on the street or seeing a simple flag or t-shirt somewhere. In reference to the fair use checklist, this image is okay to use because it is not exemplifying any type of negativity and though it qualifies through the four categories, it also is published and used for educational purposes only. We should keep in mind that when we use these images, they are works of other people and though we are using them on our behalf, we should be aware of its uses and copyright policies. An image is fair use if it is not harming any licensing mechanisms of the original source.


4 thoughts on ““Wave your flag high, up in the sky”🎶

  1. KERWIN SLOUGH says:

    I’m so jealous you were able to find a picture that is so recognizable, relates to your blog, and is under Fair Use and in the public domain. I had a really hard time finding pictures that I could fairly use that were relevant to my blog. I like your selection of image, it definitely conveys what your blog is about.

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