Powerpuff ‘Gyal’


It almost felt like I was going back to the ten year old me again when I had an obsession for things like this. Growing up, my sister, cousin and I would always fight over who would be what character. Me being blossom, my cousin being bubbles and my sister being buttercup. Boy, were we the mighty trio back in those days. People practically called us triplets because of how close we are lol. Creating an avatar of myself was always a joy for me because it was fun choosing the outfits and seeing what looks like me. As I was creating my “mini me,” I had my twin sister right next to me giving her advice on what outfits she thinks is “me.” For someone to be the only one that knows me inside and out, I trusted her instincts pretty well. She knows how my style is and how “adventurous” and “curious” I can be with my fashion choices. The process was easy. I simply went to the link and started putting my avatar together. I think things came out pretty well. For those who know me would see why I chose those pieces on my avatar. On a good day, I’m usually seen walking around campus with a scarf embracing my afrocentric side in all kinds of funky styles. I once had an obsession for wearing overalls because I consider that style to be “vintage” and “old fashioned” and it comes off as cute to me. There’s no telling what you’ll get from me haha! I’m always trying new things and creating visions for my next outfits.


3 thoughts on “Powerpuff ‘Gyal’

  1. Michaela Felix says:

    Your Powerpuff is so cute! I like how you explained why you dressed yours in the way you did, reflecting on your own personal style choices. It really shows the time you put into making your Powerpuff as you as possible and it definitely shows by how great yours looks! Sidenote: I also chose the overalls for my Powerpuff because I thought they looked the best (the patches are very on trend right now haha).

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  2. ddlovato44 says:

    Your powerpuff looks amazing!! I made one for Demi and not myself, but I feel like I would have gotten the “rebel” personality type too because I’m always challenging the status quo. I used to watch the show all the time too so this was very nostalgic for me as it was for you.

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