Whagwan! Do you feel like you’re in the Caribbean yet? Welcome to a website where you can read up on all things Caribbean. There will be posts on various experiences of mine and also my favorite things to do and places to see in the Caribbean. Just picture yourself somewhere on a beach with the sounds of the breeze and steel drums playing at your ear. Imagine yourself venturing through the caves or countryside of a historical town or eating a signature dish you’ve never had before. No seriously, tune into my blog to read up different places to travel, different foods, music, annual events and traditional facts there is to know all throughout the Caribbean. Sit back, relax and ‘bill-ah-vibes!’

**This header was borrowed and remixed pictures from Google Images. The websites are venus.com and modcloth.com

**10/8/16 Update: After not being happy with the final product of my header, I have decided to switch it back to a palm tree themed picture which was found from Google Images.