Meet the Editor


Hello! My name is Melissa McIntosh and I am a 21 year old Senior at Rutgers University majoring in Health Administration and minoring in Digital Communication Information and Media. I have an identical twin sister and an older brother who if you saw all of us together, you’d think we were triplets haha! My choice for making a blog based on the Caribbean came from my first time visiting my family’s country all back in 7th grade. Coming from a Caribbean background, I am very passionate about the Caribbean culture. I didn’t realize how special and unique it is to embrace something I’m so passionate about until my first time travelling to the Caribbean back in middle school. It opened my eyes forever. Seeing different parts of the world made me see the world in a bigger aspect and to love who and what I am. Often times, I’m always looking for the latest events going on throughout the year and I’m also involved in organizations around campus that embrace similar cultures like I do. I plan on sharing a lot of posts with my favorite places to go, things to do and all kinds of different excitement in the Caribbean and I hope they will one day make you want to explore the Caribbean. Stay tuned!