Winter in the U.S.A

My featured image is a group of palm trees with the ever so vibrant sunset radiating in the back. I wish I was experiencing that right now. There’s nothing like celebrating Christmas back home in Jamaica. For those who don’t know, Jamaica is my second home. It feels as if I haven’t been back there in forever. However, I know I will be touching base with my roots very soon. As I sit here and type, I envision myself on a beach just relaxing, enjoying the reggae vibes and taking a sun bath in the clear blue waves of the beach water. I live for that the most. I am very used to having a snowy Christmas here on the East Coast, but I’d rather have a sunny Christmas in the Caribbean. My heart is calling home and soon we will meet again, Jamaica ❤


Sharing is Caring

I’ve always been a fan of supporting the work of others and definitely putting their talent and creativity out there. I’ve always had the mindset of exploring people’s visions and seeing their crafts come to life. I am honestly not the picky type but I’d love for my audience to share my blog’s material through a creative, deeper aspect. I like descriptive imagery where things are described in a more in-depth perspective. I’d love my material to be shared through sites and apps such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc because I feel like that is where viewers can connect to my blog the best. I’d consider my blog to be more of a universal website because it is for any and everybody who wants to see what the Caribbean is all about. I welcome anybody to visit my blog and easily access all the features, posts and pictures it has to offer. Credit should always be given where it’s due and it shows that we must help one another make the finish line. There is a lot of creativity and visions that need to be shared with the world.

Me vs. Them


I feel like every website is unique in its own way whether it’s a blog, fashion site, or a website featuring any random content. I’ve come across plenty of Caribbean websites (who figured) in my lifetime. I feel that there are websites that pertain to Caribbean websites but may have a more solid focus on one thing whether it is on one culture, island or particular event. I’ve discovered several blogs on Tumblr that shout nothing but Caribbean pride to me. I always considered Tumblr to be my runaway and gateway to be in my own world and zone when I just want to escape from reality. I feel that that is where my website comes in. My website fits in perfectly with websites such as Tumblr blogs that are definitely similar to mine. I’d like to say that my website adds a sense of “Caribbean extravagance and eloquence” to the conversation especially with the amount of attention that the Caribbean gets on a day-to-day basis. I feel that as time goes on, there are more and more people expressing an interest in learning about the Caribbean and if it’s not learning, then it’s definitely traveling there and venturing around to see what makes the Caribbean such a unique addition to the essence of world culture.

Powerpuff ‘Gyal’


It almost felt like I was going back to the ten year old me again when I had an obsession for things like this. Growing up, my sister, cousin and I would always fight over who would be what character. Me being blossom, my cousin being bubbles and my sister being buttercup. Boy, were we the mighty trio back in those days. People practically called us triplets because of how close we are lol. Creating an avatar of myself was always a joy for me because it was fun choosing the outfits and seeing what looks like me. As I was creating my “mini me,” I had my twin sister right next to me giving her advice on what outfits she thinks is “me.” For someone to be the only one that knows me inside and out, I trusted her instincts pretty well. She knows how my style is and how “adventurous” and “curious” I can be with my fashion choices. The process was easy. I simply went to the link and started putting my avatar together. I think things came out pretty well. For those who know me would see why I chose those pieces on my avatar. On a good day, I’m usually seen walking around campus with a scarf embracing my afrocentric side in all kinds of funky styles. I once had an obsession for wearing overalls because I consider that style to be “vintage” and “old fashioned” and it comes off as cute to me. There’s no telling what you’ll get from me haha! I’m always trying new things and creating visions for my next outfits.

“Wave your flag high, up in the sky”🎶


As it’s almost reflected in nearly every post of mine thus far, everyone knows how prideful Caribbeans can be. This image is just a reflection of some of the islands and their flags in one picture. Why did I use this picture? It relates to my blog in an aspect of people getting to see some of the various cultures within the Caribbean community. In the image above are flags from (top left to right) Barbados and Jamaica (bottom left to right) Guyana and Trinidad. The Caribbean community is a prideful community where pride is shown almost everywhere whether it be at an event, walking past someone on the street or seeing a simple flag or t-shirt somewhere. In reference to the fair use checklist, this image is okay to use because it is not exemplifying any type of negativity and though it qualifies through the four categories, it also is published and used for educational purposes only. We should keep in mind that when we use these images, they are works of other people and though we are using them on our behalf, we should be aware of its uses and copyright policies. An image is fair use if it is not harming any licensing mechanisms of the original source.

Usain “To Di World” Bolt Meme

The newest obsession with today’s social media is the trending of memes. Seriously, who knew that a picture with one phrase would draw so much attention or even the views of a million people. This meme with Usain Bolt probably has to be the best meme of all time. I’m having a flashback to the summer where Usain Bolt tore up the Olympics (as usual) and does his signature ‘lightning bolt’ or as others call it ‘to di world’ pose at the end. I’ve never been so proud of my heritage until Jamaica ended up bringing home the gold once again at this past year’s olympics. This meme stands out to me a lot. As prideful as I am to come from a Jamaican background, this meme just says one thing: be different, be unique and be you. Usain Bolt is an idol of mine and also a BIG symbol in Jamaica. He is a role model for those who feel that they are less than what they are. He is an athlete that brings a fun, positive vibe wherever he goes and it shows every time he enters the track. This meme is beneficial for my blog because not only does it highlight the theme of my blog, but personally it says a lot about the Caribbean culture and though I can’t speak for everyone, there are some Caribbeans out there that are proud of where they’re from and I get that message from this meme. #TeamJamaica #JamaicaToDiWorld #Usain #Bolt #LightningBolt #BigDeal #BapBapBap

‘What a bam bam. Mi deh pon Instagram.’

ig-logo       People always seem to have a strategy for how they convey the message in whatever it is they’re promoting to a wide audience of individuals. The social media platforms that I happen to use the most are Instagram and Facebook. If someone were to ask me which one I’d use more to promote my blog, I’d most likely say Instagram. Why? I tend to use Instagram to capture attention when it is through pictures. The best part about Instagram is that you can do it through pictures, words, it’s simple and straight to the point. However, using Facebook gives you the ability to easily share posts and there’s always someone out there viewing what is posted online. Being a person who is so big on detail and pictures, I often times found myself using Instagram more than Facebook. Number one, I love to show my outfits of the day and my pride for my culture through my pictures. My Instagram is almost like my personal ‘lookbook’ when it comes to anything I post on it. I feel that promoting my blog on Instagram would be the most beneficial. A lot of times, people live vicariously through one’s pictures and I feel that my Instagram tells a story through the adventures I post on it.

Disclaimer: My inspiration for the title of my post came from an old reggae classic “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy. I have such a random mind lol

Why the pride? It’s that Caribana pride!


This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most visited places in the world— Toronto, Canada. I must say that it was one of the best experiences of my life being that I was only there for 3 days. My main reason for going there was to attend one of the world’s biggest annual festivals. You guessed it, Caribana.

What is Caribana? The Toronto Caribbean Carnival, now formerly known as Caribana is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a Caribbean Carnival event that has been recognized as North America’s largest street festival and is attended by over 2 million visitors each year.

With it being my first time in Canada, I could not believe I was at Caribana for a minute as soon as I got to the location. It just so happened to be the weekend leading to Jamaica’s Emancipation Day so I was bound to be in for a great weekend of fun and celebration. It was my second day in Canada and I was ready to head out of the hotel room and make my way there. I came prepared with both my flags– (as you can probably tell, I come from a Jamaican background which I most certainly represent to the fullest!) I was decked out and ready to ‘fete!’ In case you were wondering, ‘fete’ is a another word for party, celebration, holiday, etc. As I’m arriving to the festival, I hear the beautiful and ever so vibrant sounds of steel pan, soca, calypso and reggae resonate through my ears. The beautiful costumes of the dancers in the parade color the entire scene and it is nothing but good vibes seeing all the floats slowly making their way down the street. Every time a favorite Caribbean song of mine played, my sister, brother and I never hesitated to hop up and dance. Usually at events like this, a lot of soca music is played to get people in the audience to get on their feet and dance.

During my time at Caribana, I was able to get some of the traditional authentic caribbean food. To my memory, I believe I had some delicious oxtail and rice and peas– the usual Sunday West Indian dinner. I was even able to capture pictures by some of the notable statues while at Caribana. If you look to the far right in the bottom picture between the letters ‘T’ and ‘O’ you could see me, my mom, and twin sister posing for the camera in the Toronto sign.

All in all, it was a great day and experience. Not only was it a great day but the weather was beautiful and hot, just the way a Caribbean girl like me loves it. I could go on and on but the experience is like no other once you’re there in person.  Like I always say, “you have to experience it to feel it.”

I strongly encourage anyone to check out Caribana whenever they are taking a vacation in Canada. It is a must-see for any and everybody. I left Canada happy with one of my destinations crossed off my bucket list and to this day, my pride for my Caribbean culture will always remain at an all-time high. “Give it a visit nuh! Yuh nah guh disappoint yuhself” 🙂

Jing! Bing! West Indian EveryTING!

click here —-> Screencast

So as of today, I am officially a screencaster! I had the opportunity to look up a blog that I found appealing to the eye and of course being that I wanted to make everything theme-related to my blog, I found a blog that was very relevant to mine so of course, I was going to make a screencast of it.

Before I was introduced to WordPress, I was a big fan of Tumblr since I was in my teens. From there, my creative juices began to flow and I would look up blogs pertinent to my cultural upbringing. I was also excited to do this assignment because for one, I always look forward to anything that has to do with media, talking, speaking, or recording a video. I found a blog that brought all West Indian cultures together and the fact that it was simply designed drew my attention to it. This experience was a very easy one, since all I had to do was capture a screen and talk about it whereas compared to the last assignment, I spent a lot more time figuring out how to play with music and adding my own audio and voice to it. This skill could definitely come in handy for any projects or presentations that arise. This is certainly a tool for Youtubers to use or even tech wizzes since they’re always into the most recent gadgets out there and want to do reviews on them. I definitely think that creative projects like youtube video reviews, powerpoint presentations or public speaking projects could definitely benefit from a screencast. Projects utilizing screencasts make them more fun, interesting and appealing to the eye. Now that I have the knowledge of how to use Jing, I am sure that I will be using this tool a lot more in the future for other projects that come to mind.

Lights! Camera! Bob Marley!

click here ————>  Lights! Camera! Bob Marley! Commercial


Out of all honesty, I was VERY excited to find out that part of our assignment was to create a commercial for our blogs. I immediately dug up my journalism roots and was ready to put the key to the test! To be quite frank, I had mixed emotions about this assignment because for one, I was excited knowing that I could record my voice and put music behind it but at the same time, I sometimes found myself getting frustrated trying to figure out everything. For example, when I first opened Garageband, I was absolutely trying to figure out where to begin. I was all over the place trying to familiarize myself with the software. I already knew the idea that I wanted to portray and I was ready to make my vision come to life. It took me awhile to navigate around and get a feel of Garageband. My whole idea was obviously a reggae theme for my commercial but I’ll leave the rest up to you to check out 🙂

I was determined that night to figure out how to put everything together so like I always do, I played around with the website until I figured out what goes where, and what the other buttons do. Successfully, I was able to get what I wanted and was very happy with how my product came out in the end. Getting the music files onto my computer was not hard at all but just trying to merge and put everything together was the hard part. After watching a couple of Youtube videos showing me how to use Garageband, I got the hang of it. I know my piece is not perfect but I am proud of how far I came with it. I encourage you all to give it a listen. I’ve never been this excited in my life to have gotten to do something like this so please understand that the excitement is TRULY real!

***Click on the above link to check it out!***